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The history of the Chemistry Guild begins from 1891; making it the oldest guild in Aalto University. The Chemistry Guild has about 400 members, so while we are not the biggest we are certainly the most beautiful guild. The Guild’s symbol is a white neon atom on a blue background. The official color of the Guild is blue although our overalls are red.

The Guild offers many kinds of activities in forms of sports, culture, excursions, sauna evenings and general get-togethers. The guild room invites members to enjoy coffee, games of corona, marjapussi and pärkkä and reading Tisle magazine.

Although not so visible, an important task of the Guild is supervision of the interests of its members. The Guild is represented in the School of Chemical Technology as well as in AYY and Aalto University. If something should be done differently tell it to the council members!

You can take an active role in the guild by becoming an official. Why not be a DJ, guild room responsible, songleader, cultural responsible, sports responsible, party responsible, general event helper, exam archive recorder, Tisle magazine journalist, www responsible or paparazzo? Ask the council what you can do!

You can join the Chemistry Guild by following the instructions available by clicking here.



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20:00 @ Rantasauna
21:00 @ Smökki
17:15 @ KE 3
18:00 @ Otaranta club room
18:00 @ Otaranta club room
17:00 @ Guild Room
18:00 @ TBA
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