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During the past year the boards of the Guild and KKlubi (association for Chemistry Guild alumni) have been bouncing ideas on how to increase collaboration between students and alumni. In these conversations rose the idea of a mentoring program that would offer students sparring, guidance and conversations with alumni who have already transitioned to the working life.

The idea is to divide participating alumni and students into suitable mentor-actor -pairs, who will meet for six months (from November to April)  in a structured way. There will be a guided first meeting to establish goals and structure for each mentoring relationship. During the six months the pairs are meant to meet at least three times, but the content and practical execution of the mentoring relationship is up to the pair to decide. The program can entail both pairs working in Finnish or English, and remotely or with live sessions.


Application period: 5. - 18.10.

The chosen pairs will be announced: 25.10.

Kick-off meeting: 3.11.


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What does mentoring mean? What on earth is an actor? Is mentoring for me? You can look for answers for example here:


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