Official Positions: responsibilities

ApuIE: Host/Hostess helper

  • Participates in the arranging of sitsis and other events held by the ST committee.

  • Participates in the arranging of Kondensatio.

Corona responsible

  • Arranges the Corona Cup.

  • Arranges the Neluri Cup during spring. 

  • Maintains the condition of the game equipment. 

  • Arranges proper training for the game when asked. 

  • Arranges the Senior Cup every fifth year.

  • Keeps the corona board up to date.

Graphic Artist

  • Produces visual material for the guild to use, like for example the use events under the instruction of the Information Secretary.

Guild room responsible

  • Is responsible for the guildroom having coffee, milk, tea and sugar continuously.

  • Takes care of the guildroom’s magazines.

  • Tidies up the guild room weakly.

Kondensatio director 132

  • Kondensatio director functions as the chairperson of the Kondensatio committee.

  • The directors responsibility is to plan, to make the budget for and to carry out the annual ball.

  • The director works together with the boar, especially with the Host and Hostess.

  • Reserves the event venues and also contacts the event speakers and the ceremony master.

  • Is responsible together with the committee of arranging the following things: the bus transports, decorations, performers, ballroom dance practices and the publication side for the event and updating the event website, making of the sitsit song booklet and invitations and also other various small tasks. 

  • The director is responsible with the Head of corporate relations for getting sponsors for the annual ball. The practical implementation of the afterparty, after afterparty and sillis breakfast is mainly the responsibility of the ST committee. 

Culture Responsible

  • Arranges cultural events during the year, like movie nights, museum/theater/ooppera/exhibition excursions.

Sports Responsible

  • Arranges sport activities in the guild

  • Participates in the arranging of the Wellness competition with the Head of Corporate relations.


  • Operates as the Chemistry Guild’s representative in the Life Science Technologies ( LST) committee, which arranges activities and events for the programme’s students.

  • LST committee is formed of eay-associations that function under the LST programme.

Song leader & song leader apprentice

  • Maintains the sitsi etiquette the best as one can during sitsit and annual ball.

  • Song leaders are called song leader apprentices during the first year.

  • Drafts and publishes the sitsit song booklets

  • One of the song leaders represents the Chemistry Guild in the Song leader committee (LuTKu).

Neon Rave responsible

  • Arranges the Neon Rave event for fall.

  • Is the head of the Neon Rave committee.


  • Takes photos for Tisle and for other guild’s publishings.

  • Takes care of uploading photos for the guild’s websites. 

Sauna major

  • Takes care of the guild’s tent sauna.

  • Helps to arrange the Wappu’s foam bath.

Social media responsible

  • Creates content and develops the guild’s social media together with the Information Secretary and the board. 

TEK representative

  • Is responsible of the guild’s relationship with TEK.

Tisle Chief Editor

  • Works as a journalist for the guild magazine Tisle and does the publishing. 

  • Is responsible for the collecting of content for the magazine and defines the general line 

  • Represents Chemistry Guild in the committee of Chief Editors (PääTMK).

Reporter of Tisle, Foreign Correspondent

  • Writes content for the guild magazine Tisle.

Ullis Responsible

  • Plans and takes care of the guild tent placed in Ullanlinnanmäki during Wappu.

Corporate relations apprentice

  • Assists the Head of Corporate Relations with their duties.

  • Knows how to communicate with company representatives. 


  • Maintains and develops the guild’s website.

International helper

  • Arranges international events with the International Officer.

  • Helps the international officer with translations.

Equality Officer

  • A completely new official task. Works together with other Equality Officers of CHEM to draft the principles of a safe space. 

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