The Chemistry Guild arranges several sports events during semesters. You can find more information from the events page.

The Guild is participating in futsal, floorball, basketball, and volleyball leagues of the AYY. You don't need any supreme skills to participate, because these teams are just for having fun! If you would like to participate in one of the teams (or in all), please contact the Guild’s sports officer and they will add you to an e-mail-list, where you will receive game schedules.

Sports or not, many guild members highly regard corona and marjapussi, the national games of the Guild. Corona resembles a light version of billiard and marjapussi is a trick card game. You can learn both by asking the Finnish students hanging out at the guild room; hopefully some of them know the rules! The Guild has an official responsible for corona and teaching people to play it. There are annual championship tournaments of corona (1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2) and marjapussi which are announced in the weekly newsletters of the Guild.

Sports officers of 2018:

Iiris Hakaste

Meri Pöntynen

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