Irmanpäivä is approaching and the year’s biggest doubles event is here!

Once again corona games are played in teams as Neluricup 2023 finals will be held on Friday, 31 March at Ossin sauna. Come and bring your friend and test how your team chemistry works.

The games go as follows:

-The games are carried out within Chemistry Guild’s Corona guideline rules (2.1 Four-player game)

-Group stage games are played at KK Guild room before irmanpäivä; best 16 will advance to the playoff stage

-Playoff games are played on 31.3. at Ossin sauna; 1st round match-ups are decided by teams success in group stage; bronze match and the championship match will end the tournament

WHAT: Neluricup 2023 Final

WHERE: Ossinsauna

WHEN: 31.3.2023 at 15:00

COST: 0 €

  • Signup opens: 26.02.23 22:32
  • Signup ends: 31.03.23 23:59
  • Maximum number of signups: 16
  • Number of reserves: 100

Fill fields marked with a star.

Signed (10)

1.Markus Kieksi
2.Felix Hyppönen
3.Saku Turkulainen
4.Kim Eklund
5.Teemu Vuorela
6.Juho Kotiranta
7.Kaarlo Mäkelä
8.Hanno Mikkola
9.Henrik Rale
10.Sasu Pasanen
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