Wellness competition 2020

  • Start time: 2020-11-01 12:00:00
  • End time: 2020-11-30 23:59:00
  • Location:

Chemistry Guild’s annual Wellness Competition is here again and the competition starts on Sunday November 1st. The competition continues for the whole of November and the finishing line will be reached on Monday, November 30th. The participation in the competition is easy, gather up a team of 3-4 people and choose a captain for your team. The registration for the competition is done with a web form found on Chemistry Guild’s webpage. The registration is possible from 12 o’clock on Monday the 26th of October until the 5th of November.

Because exercising in a group is more fun, there will be some organized activities during the competition. More about these later, stay tuned!

The competition rules shortly:

1. For each day, you can get +1/-1/0 points. You collect points by exercising (for at least 45 minutes) and get minus points from drinking alcohol (3 or more alcohol drinks per day). 0 points is received when you exercise and drink on the same day.

2. One rest day a week is important so you can earn plus points only six days a week.

3. Every week it is possible to earn an extra point by sleeping for at least 8 hours per night on four nights each week.

4. Keep score of your point in the score sheet provided.

Note! It is possible to have your friends from Process Engineers participate as well, however at least half of your team should be a member of Chemistry Guild. There are also amazing prizes for the winners!

If you have any questions, please contact Chemistry Guild's sports representatives. More info about the rules and the competition will be provided for participants before the start of the competition.

The sports responsibles of the guild:
Jenni Vannas, @jenniiinn
Ella Ivanoff, @ellaiv

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